The Birth Story of Marley Rose

I cannot believe I am typing these words but my baby girl is turning ONE YEAR OLD today! The year has absolutely flown by and she has grown up so much, especially in the past month or so, and I find myself reminiscing about that sweet, squishy newborn and how she made her appearance into… Continue reading The Birth Story of Marley Rose


Lincoln’s 4 Year Update

Lincoln is turning four years old today, how?! I’ve never done consistent monthly or yearly updates for Lincoln and I wish I would have, but it’s never too late to start! Everyone always says that time goes by way too fast when you have little ones, but for the first three years of Lincoln’s life I would… Continue reading Lincoln’s 4 Year Update

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Must Haves for Cold and Flu Season

With the fall and winter approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I need to stock up on to be prepared to battle the upcoming cold and flu season. We are a “natural” family and while we are not against Western medicine by any means (it has saved my son’s life twice now and… Continue reading Must Haves for Cold and Flu Season