12 Week Pregnancy Bumpdate



So in case you haven’t heard the good news yet… I’M PREGNANT!!! We were definitely hoping to have another baby this year and are so excited about welcoming a new addition to our family in October! Since we recently moved states and live away from virtually all of our family and friends, I have decided to start posting pregnancy updates aka “bumpdates” every couple of weeks so you can share in this journey with us. I am officially 12 weeks pregnant as of a few days ago so let me catch you up on how things have been going.


I had been using the method described in the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler to track my cycles and charting them on the Kindara app for a few months so I was aware of when I ovulated and we were able to find out I was pregnant by taking a test (or 4) before my period was even expected. Quite the contrast to my first pregnancy where I was totally blindsided at 8 or 9 weeks.. so this pregnancy has felt incredibly long already! I meant to take better notes this time on exactly what symptoms I had and when they started but honestly, its been a 2+ month long blur of nausea and I lost my motivation for doing anything above and beyond what was absolutely necessary for the survival of myself and my family. Only partially kidding.. but I’ll come back to the symptoms in a sec.

Around 5 weeks pregnant I made a call to the midwife I thought I would want to use based on lots of research and reading reviews online to see when she would want to meet with me. Normally they don’t really see expecting mamas before 12 weeks but because I told her my cycles are long and my due date would not be based on my LMP (last menstrual period) she wanted me to come in and meet with her and she would then send me for a dating ultrasound. I went in at 9 weeks, too early to hear the heartbeat on the doppler, and really vibed with her so we will be seeing her for the remainder of the pregnancy and I’m excited about it! The ultrasound place squeezed me in for an appointment 2 days later and we got to see our sweet little peanut for the first time! It was super nostalgic for me because it was exactly 3 years to the DAY from when I had my dating ultrasound with Lincoln and the gestation was only 5 days off from where he was when we saw him. They gave me my official due date, my midwife scheduled out all my appointments from now until November, and that was that.



Baby’s size:

This week baby is the size of a small plum. I subscribe to the Mama Natural week by week pregnancy updates so that is where I get my info from, I know it varies depending on where you look.


  • Nausea and vomiting: I’m not going to waste any time here, I have been SO. SICK. with this pregnancy. It started during week 5 and has continued, round the clock, almost without a single break since then. Let me just say that I thought everything about this pregnancy would be easier because it was planned, but clearly the universe was not listening to my thoughts about the matter because I have experienced some of the most miserable days of my life in the last few months! Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful and excited to be having another baby but considering I only had about a week of mild nausea and ONE solitary instance of vomiting during my first pregnancy, I definitely was not prepared for this! I throw up first thing every morning and feel nauseous all day long after that. Food is hit or miss for me right now and the worst part is being so thirsty but unable to quench that thirst because water tastes disgusting and having any amount more than a couple of sips of liquid in my stomach makes me feel way sicker. I’ve tried watered down juice, lemonade, kombucha, Natural Calm added to my water, fruit added to water, sparkling water, you name it. And nothing has worked yet. I’m spending way too much time laying on my couch and the quality of meals being served around here has diminished significantly. Sigh. We do what we can right? Luckily most people say this feeling goes away after the first trimester and I only have about a week left so here’s hoping that it proves true for me too!
  • Skin irritation: I have been having breakouts on my face, especially my chin for weeks now but if I remember correctly I had this last time too and it cleared up about halfway through pregnancy. However this time I am also having dry skin, itchy bumps and a couple of patches of what looks like eczema that I have never had before, mostly on my legs but also my belly, collarbone and arms. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into PUPPS later on.
  • Sensitivity to smells: This feels like it should go along with nausea because that is often the result of smelling something I don’t like but not always. I currently hate the smell of bacon and changing poopy diapers has become a whole new level of difficult. So far no sensitivity to any smells in a good way but I’m still holding out.
  • Baby bump: It doesn’t seem as large in any of our weekly photos as it does to me in real life but the bump is definitely there and has been for at least 2 weeks. I was wearing normal pants much later than this in my first pregnancy that’s for sure. Lincoln has been telling me my tummy is getting bigger. I laugh hysterically and tell him boy you haven’t seen anything yet!
  • I really haven’t been experiencing  fatigue, moodiness or breast changes which were some of my biggest symptoms last time. Just goes to show you that every single pregnancy is different.


Honestly, for this first trimester update I should really just call it  AVERSIONS but I digress…

  • During week 4 and part of 5, when I was blissfully unaware of what was to come, I was craving a lot of fermented goodness (pickles and sauerkraut everyday) and also salmon and seaweed. HAD to have seaweed.
  • Once the nausea hit I was pretty much subsisting off of some form of carb (toast, potatoes, pasta, crackers) covered in butter and/or cheese. I would usually be able to keep down some “real” food for dinner but anything that I ate once was officially off my list of food I can stand to eat from then on.
  • Hope Spicy Avocado Hummus. I have always loved this stuff but I kid you not I have gone through EIGHT containers of this in the last 4 weeks (not to mention many bags of tortilla chips).
  • All the eggs! Soft boiled eggs and toast is the breakfast of champions! Or at least of mamas who need to get themselves and their toddler dressed and out the door to gymnastics without puking again..
  • Currently I am craving a lot of salads. Anything somewhat fresh and cold is good for me, anything heavy and super cooked (my usual soups and curries) is not happening.
  • You know what else is not happening? Sweets. Every so often I try to throw in a porridge for breakfast or some chocolate after dinner and I always regret it. I am left with a horrible taste in my mouth and an even more horrible feeling in my stomach. The exception seems to be the occasional piece of fruit and Torie and Howard hard candies or chewy fruities which I keep in my car or purse to ward off nausea temporarily.

Overall I am just feeling really eager to put this first trimester behind me and get to feeling better so I can finally bask in the excitement and start making some plans for the rest of the year. I have another midwife appointment next week (has it really been 4 weeks already?!) and the following week I’m taking little man up to Seattle for a little Easter weekend spring break. I am so excited to spend some time with family and take my mind off of pregnancy symptoms for a bit. We are planning to find out the gender at our 20 week anatomy scan so I’m definitely looking forward to that as well. I have no intuition about gender whatsoever as of now but Josh says he thinks it is a girl. Might be wishful thinking on his part but he was right last time so we shall see! Lincoln goes back and forth about whether he thinks it will be a boy or a girl but he has named it Baby Taco and is not budging on that. I for one am just hoping and praying with everything I have that this pregnancy is smooth sailing with a healthy baby and a normal delivery (and no hospital stay!) this time. Please send us your prayers and well wishes on that front as well, it always means so much to us.

Like I said, I’m going to try and do these updates every 2 weeks ish so they shouldn’t be so long in the future but I have been trying to keep straight who I’ve told about what so it is nice to have it all in one place and I know I will enjoy looking back on it in the future as well. Let me know if you have any advice for the nausea I may not have tried (though hopefully I won’t need it for much longer) and if you have any good salad recipes that are hearty enough for full meals, send them my way!

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