Dosha Quiz

To determine your dosha, select the answer to each question that best describes how you have been most of your life or in your childhood. More than one quality might apply, but choose the answer that is most applicable. Tally up your scores.


  1. I am slim, slender, and lanky with thin muscles.
  2. I have an average, symmetrical build with well developed muscles.
  3. I am stout and stock with a thick frame.


  1. Low. I lose weight easily and have difficulty gaining.
  2. Moderate. I can easily gain or lose weight if I want to.
  3. Heavy. I gain weight easily and have a hard time losing.


  1. It is thin and small with a narrow ribcage.
  2. It is average.
  3. It is broad or large with a well developed bust.


  1. My hands are small, dry and cold with long, thin fingers.
  2. My hands are medium sized, warm, and pink with medium sized fingers.
  3. My hands are thick, moist, and cool with firm, stocky fingers.


  1. My skin is thin, dry, rough, and cracked.
  2. My skin is warm, pink, freckly, and sensitive.
  3. My skin is thick, pale, moist, and smooth.


  1. My hair is dry and frizzy. I may have dandruff.
  2. My hair is light and fine. I may have a receding hairline or early graying.
  3. My hair is thick, wavy, and shiny. I may have an oily scalp.

Face shape:

  1. My face is oval and narrow.
  2. My face is triangular or heart shaped with sharp contours.
  3. My face is round and soft.


  1. My eyes are small and narrow with an active gaze.
  2. My eyes are medium size with a piercing gaze.
  3. My eyes are large and lustrous with a soft gaze.


  1. My lips are thin, small, and dry.
  2. My lips are medium, soft, and curved.
  3. My lips are thick, smooth, and firm.


  1. My joints are small, thin, and cracking.
  2. My joints are loose and flexible.
  3. My joints are thick and padded.


  1. My nails are thin and brittle.
  2. My nails are soft and pink.
  3. My nails are thick and white.


  1. My voice is low, weak, or hoarse.
  2. My voice is sharp, loud, or high pitched.
  3. My voice is deep and well toned.


  1. I speak rapidly and erratically.
  2. I speak precisely and articulately.
  3. I speak slowly and monotonously.


  1. My appetite is variable and I sometimes forget to eat.
  2. My appetite is strong and I cannot skip meals.
  3. My appetite is steady and regular but I can skip a meal.

Bowel movements:

  1. Dry and hard with a tendency toward constipation.
  2. Loose and soft with a tendency toward diarrhea.
  3. Thick and sluggish but regular.


  1. I am a light sleeper who wakes frequently.
  2. I am a moderate and sound sleeper.
  3. I am a deep sleeper who sleeps for long periods.


  1. My dreams involve motion and are often quick and fearful.
  2. My dreams are vivid and fiery, often involving conflict or violence.
  3. My dreams are slow, romantic, sentimental, and peaceful.


  1. My memory is good short term but I am quick to forget.
  2. My memory is moderate but accurate.
  3. My memory comes slowly but is sustained long term.

Reaction to stress:

  1. I become anxious and fearful.
  2. I become angry and irritable.
  3. I become withdrawn and possessive.


  1. I am talkative, outgoing, and social.
  2. I am in control, ambitious, and determined.
  3. I am laidback, reserved, and empathetic.


  1. I have low endurance and get tired easily.
  2. I have moderate stamina and tend to push myself.
  3. I have good endurance and can work for long periods.


  1. I am an impulse buyer, not great at saving.
  2. I like to spend money on luxuries.
  3. I am very frugal and have a lot saved.


  1. I like to be in warm and humid weather and dislike dryness.
  2. I prefer cooler weather and cannot stand a lot of heat.
  3. I enjoy warm, dry weather and dislike wet environments.

Disease tendency:

  1. I am most susceptible to pains or neurological disorders.
  2. I am prone to infections, inflammations, and fevers.
  3. I most often suffer from respiratory problems and congestion.


Mostly 1s, you are a Vata.

Mostly 2s, you are a Pitta.

Mostly 3s, you are a Kapha.

Close between two? You likely have both of these doshas in your prakriti. (Vata-Pitta, Pitta-Kapha, Kapha-Vata, etc.)

If your answers are split between all three, try taking the quiz again and be sure you are focusing deeply on your qualities throughout your life and not just how you feel right now.

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